On behalf of South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue, I would like to thank you for your support of our organization through your donations of KRUDZAPPER for our horses.

As you know, our rescue horses come to us in terrible condition, especially with Florida Sores, cracked heels, saddle sores, severe rain rot, and open gaping wounds. Many times their immune systems are compromised. It is essential that we heal them as quickly as possible. Their lives depend on it
This week, we rescued a retired race horse named EL BOMBI. His body condition score is 1 and he has a saddle sore that covers his entire back. We’ve had over 2,000 horses pass through our ranch over the past 20 years, and this is the worst saddle sore we have ever seen. I am enclosing pictures of him as he is today. We are already using KRUDZAPPER on him.

  I cannot recommend KRUDZAPPER too highly. If it works on our horses, and it does, I can only imagine how great it works on horses not so severely compromised as ours.

Jeanette Jordan – President/Executive Director SFSPCA
Treated: Horse

I volunteer at a horse rescue 4 days a week, www.savethehorses.org. A girl named Alisa C. introduced me to your product. I watched the proud flesh on her horse disappear in a few weeks. Since then I’ve seen the most remarkable things from this little wonder cream, from deep cuts to hair regrowth and now warts (can’t wait to try it on some with warts in their ears). I swear the stuff could regrow severed limbs!

Lori F.
Treated: Horse

Hi Karla, this is Kim B. and Marilyn. I just wanted to call you and tell you thank you so much for sending the KRUDZAPPER. I got it this morning. I put it on my one cat. Actually I put it on two the one and tonight I’ve noticed she’s not scratching under her neck at all and the ring worm cat, he was fine with it I mean I had to put it all over his feet and couple other spots and no problems at all. So I’m really excited about this. I called two of my vet techs at my vet right down the street and I’m going to drop two of the samples off there tomorrow with the leaflets and stuff but they said they got to try it first on, the one girl has a horse and she has cats and the other girl, she is dealing with all kinds of animals at her house. So hopefully they can use it and then they can refer it and then the doctor can actually put your signs out in his office. so that’s kind of depending on that, so word of mouth is the best thing, so, if they’re happy with it, trust me they will refer it to some patients who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on stuff. The other thing I noticed is that you can’t smell the sulfur when you open it the graininess kind of surprised me, but it goes on really well, and it just didn’t bother my cat at all, but now that it’s been on, I can really smell the sulfur on her, so that’s kind of cool, because it doesn’t stink going on as bad, I mean you can smell a little bit, but I can really smell it this evening, so that was kind of a cool thing, the vet smell from the straight sulfur was making me literally throw up so I just wanted to call to tell you bless your heart, thank you so much for that!

Kim B.
Treated: Cat

“I just wanted you to know how much we depend on KRUDZAPPER. It is the first product we reach for whenever we have any kind of skin problem! As you know, we prep over 200 yearlings annually for the premier sales and we cannot afford to have yearlings show up at the sales with any kind of a skin problem. It is a very affordable product that we can depend on.”

John Hall – Taylor Made Sales
Treated: Horses

The ticks here in VA are already horrific and I pulled off over 30 from each horse on Tuesday evening. I then applied KRUDZAPPER and within 48 hours all the lumps from the attached ticks were gone. I checked them today and applied a bit more around the elbows and gaskins and so far they are tick free. Thanks for such a great product.

Carolyn J.
Treated: Horses

I just had to let you know the poor dog that no one wanted to touch let alone adopt WAS ADOPTED. A wonderful couple who heard his story, and saw past the way he looked wanted to take him home and love him. We gave them a jar of KRUDZAPPER, since he still needed a few places to apply. His hair on his head and back are filling in. Just wanted to let you know that because of your product, Levi looks so much better, and found a loving home.

Thank you so much.

Judy Q.
Treated: Dog

Your product was recommended to me by Whisker’s Holistic Pet Store in NYC and it was the only thing that cured my pit bull’s bleeding ear tips! I went to numerous vets and spent a small fortune on tests and medicines and nothing worked. He would shake his head and spray blood everywhere. It would never heal. One week of using this twice a day and they totally healed up! Thank you. I also condition his paws with this as a weekly treatment as the winter here has been hard on his paws.

Treated: Dog

I saved a baby bird that fell of the tree and his neck was cut up and starting to get infected. I covered the area with KRUDZAPPER and within 2 days, his neck started looking better, and he was moving his head around much better. We actually use this product on our horses, and since we had it on hand, we gave it a try. It sure took care of the Emergency!! Thank You

Fran D.
Treated: Bird

My young Kangaroo had cut himself on the fence and had a laceration on his left shoulder. A friend had recommended KRUDZAPPER, so we decided to give it a try. We applied the cream on the wound, and made sure to keep it covered. It was amazing to see that the bugs stayed away and within a week the shoulder started looking much better. This is truly amazing stuff and we will make sure to keep some on hand at all times.

Lori L.
Treated: Kangaroo

Thank you so much for the KRUDZAPPER cream. I discovered your product at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento. I have a little rat terrier dog who is very elderly and frail. I have been fighting a bad skin condition for months. We had been seeing the vet for antibiotics and prednisone. His feet were raw and swollen. KRUDZAPPER helped his rash extremely well, and provided comfort for him. The vet approved it, and thought it was full of good products ( He even said it smelled good). So thanks again, Sparky is much better now and his feet are healed.

Jackie K.
Treated: Dog

My sister who used to raise racehorses in Ocala, Florida suggested I try your product for my persistent and recurring leg and hand skin problems. I tried many creams, salves and ointments to little relief. A horse product at the time seemed a little strange, however my sister had sent me several ounces, so I tried it. Well it has worked wonders on my persistent, nagging skin dermatitis. Applying it for a day or two clears up my condition for several days to a good week. What’s good and works for the horses, has also worked for me!!”

John S.
Treated: Himself

One of our horses had his entire muzzle covered with warts and a friend suggested we try KRUDZAPPER to take care of it. We started applying the ointment to his muzzle daily and were amazed that in a week or so, the warts were starting to disappear. We have also started to use KRUDZAPPER on some of the skin conditions that we have on our horses such as ringworm and scratches, and the product worked perfectly. Amazing product thank you.

Steve B.
Treated: Horse

“With over sixty horses in training up north and a dozen in Florida each year, KYB Dressage needs reliable horse care products. One that I never leave out of my tack box is KRUDZAPPER. It has helped with so many issues from wounds to hives to all types of fungus and scratches. We have tried many, many products over the years but none does what it claims as well as KRUDZAPPER.”

“Every barn should have this product in their tack box”

Yvonne Barteau FEI rider and Trainer

USDF Bronze Silver and Gold Medalist

Yvonne Barteau
Author- Ride the Right Horse

Dear Krudzapper

My friend Amy Hebert had sent some KRUDZAPPER for me to have on hand in case I needed it.

Unfortunately on May 13, 2013 my 22 year old retired TB was attacked by dogs in his paddock. They also followed him into his stall and did more damage to him in there. I washed all his cuts, scrapes, gashes and puncture wounds and packed them with KRUDZAPPER. I also called the vet for antibiotics, just to be on the safe side.  His belly wound probably should have been stitched, but due to the fact he suffers from DSLD/ESPA (dropped pasterns), sedating him is not a safe option, for him or us, and his rate of healing is greatly affected too. DSLD/ESPA affects all connective tissue in his body so his skin takes longer to heal. Most horses would have these fully healed in 2 weeks or so. He takes about 3x as long.

Attached are photos from the morning of the incident, before cleaning and after and 2 weeks later. I cleaned them 1x a day and packed with KRUDZAPPER 2x a day for the first week. Then they were cleaned every other day and applied KRUDZAPPER 2x a day for the next week. I clean them as needed now in the P.M and pack with KRUDZAPPER afterwards. I also put some more in the A.M to help keep the bugs away.

I have found that once it gets warm in the barn the KRUDZAPPER will get too runny to pack into deeper wounds…so I keep it in the fridge and it’s like nice thick butter cream icing and you can shape it to fit the wound and get in all the way in there before it warms up.

They all look great and he’s doing well!

Jill and Story in NC

I obtain a jar of KRUDZAPPER at the QH congress. My daughter had a cat that had gotten bit. The wound had closed up, and was infected. We cleaned the wound and packed the bite with your product. She applied it for a few more days and within less than a week it had healed up. Very impressed with this product! Now how and where can I purchase it??

Vicky S.
Treated: Cat