How long does it take for KRUDZAPPER to work?
Krudzapper will offer instant relief for any burning or itching sensation that might be present. Expect to see improvement in a short period of time.
Do you package KRUDZAPPER at your own facility?
KRUDZAPPER is manufactured in the USA under strict quality standards.
What makes KRUDZAPPER different from other ointments?
KRUDZAPPER is the only product on the market that uses lard as a base. This allows for a unique process to occur whereby the area is completely isolated and protected from water, germs, insects or any other influence that will irritate or contaminate the existing problem. We systematically blend into the lard a combination of sulfur, a phenol based disinfectant that kills 99.9% of all germs, is a tuberculocide, virucide, fungicide, pseudomonocide and a selected combination of Oils. This proprietary blend of ingredients covers a vast spectrum of issues and is what makes KRUDZAPPER so effective. KRUDZAPPER contains no antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, or tea tree oil. It is very easily applied without having to make any special preparations.
How does KRUDZAPPER work?
KRUDZAPPER works by creating an effective barrier against insects, germs and water. This potent barrier which is provided by the Lard cover allows the problem area to be isolated and free of irritation. The Lard also is easily absorbed by the skin, making for a better vehicle of healing for the blend of sulfur, disinfectant and selected oils. This process allows for a systematic cleaning and debriding of the area. The product also promotes hair growth in the area once the problem has been resolved.
Can you use KRUDZAPPER in the ear?
KRUDZAPPER can be used for the outer and middle ear of the animal safely.
How should I store KRUDZAPPER?
KRUDZAPPER should be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight and heat. The product can be in a cooler environment, and might harden due to the lard content.
If I use KRUDZAPPER frequently, will resistance develop to this therapy?
Of course, resistance is always a concern with the frequent use of antibiotics. With KRUDZAPPER, which contains no antibiotics or steroids, we have not seen a documented case of resistance yet. Due to KRUDZAPPER’s unique formulation and mechanism of action, resistance to the therapy at any point in time is unlikely. KRUDZAPPER has been used on many occasions where antibiotics have failed.
If my horse has an allergy to medications, will KRUDZAPPER be a problem?
If your horse has allergies to other products, you should apply KRUDZAPPER to a small area to make sure you don’t get a reaction. In the years this product has been on the market, allergic reactions have been extremely rare. As with any other product, if your horse has a reaction after using KRUDZAPPER, please notify your veterinarian immediately. Please also inform us.
When using this medication, can the wound and/or ointment be exposed to sunlight?
Should I irrigate or clean the wound or skin area prior to applying KRUDZAPPER?
We actually recommend KRUDZAPPER be applied without special preparation. In addition, you can re-apply the product on top of the old layer without re-cleaning the area.
How long does it take to clear up wound and/or skin problem?
Healing times vary depending on the type of wound or skin condition. Significant open wounds (3-4 inches) may take treatment for 10-30 days. Smaller wounds may heal more quickly. If you have a wound that has not shown any signs of improvement in the first 10-15 days, we recommend you consult your local veterinarian. Most skin conditions start healing within 2 days.
Will KRUDZAPPER attract flies or other pests to the wound?
NO. Actually it repels the flies better than most fly sprays and seems to repel most insects. Krudzapper actually creates a barrier against insects.
After applying KRUDZAPPER does the wound need to be covered?
The wound does not need to be covered. The uniqueness of the KRUDZAPPER formula allows for complete insulation and protection of the wound while it heals. KRUDZAPPER is safe to use under leg wraps.
How many times a day should I treat the wound?
We recommend you keep the wound covered with KRUDZAPPER. Usually twice a day will suffice; Once in the morning and once in the evening.
Can KRUDZAPPER be used on all animals?