Krudzapper VS the Rest

Krudzapper is a topical ointment for all animals that is safe and effective. Krudzapper is the only skin product on the market that is formulated using animal fat as its base. We systematically infuse the lard with our proprietary blend of sulfur, disinfectants and oils resulting in the most effective ointment for the treatment of skin conditions on the market today.

Krudzapper helps the skin to heal naturally

Safe to use on all animals. Krudzapper helps treat a variety of skin conditions, including ringworm, rain rot, scratches, summer sores, tick sores, lacerations, wounds, fungus, warts, hot spots, hairy heel warts, strawberry warts, foot rot, udder rot, and more. The lard provides an effective barrier against insects, germs, and water while allowing our blend of ingredients to work their magic. Krudzapper also promotes hair growth in affected areas.

Krudzapper on the farm

Krudzapper has been effective in treating many skin and hoof conditions on farm animals. Its blend of oils and disinfectants help the affected area heal itself naturally by nourishing the skin, sealing the area from further contamination and protecting it from moisture.


You tried everything, called the vet, still no results??Try What Works!!

  • It’s easy to use, safe, requires no preparation.
  • Stop the itching
  • Protect the area
  • Start the healing
  • Safe if swallowed
  • Amazing results
  • Non-Toxic